Annie Summers

Annie Summers went into the fashion business in 1969, working for Diana Vreeland, Editor in Chief of American Vogue and when she married and moved to England, she transferred to the fashion department of British Vogue where she worked for the next ten years.

In 1978, Annie launched "IMAGES", a lifestyle company that was far ahead of its time. She also redesigned the shop of the famous Bond Street jeweller, Boucheron. The revival – with partner Sally Metcalfe – of the venerable decorating firm, George Spencer, followed and the interior design of many houses in London, New York, Paris and beyond, bear the eclectic style for which Annie is well known.

Recognized in the "Best Dressed List" by Eleanor Lambert and as an incomparable hostess whose themed parties bring humour and glamour to an increasingly pedestrian world, Annie has brought light-heartedness, a rigorous designer’s eye and a unique style to an array of products, most recently in a line of individually designed and handmade clutch bags marketed, under the brand name F.O.U.

Her passions encompass vintage markets, creating themed events, wrapping presents, and arranging flowers. The magic of her creations is the alchemy between an unerring eye for beauty and harmony, married to a passion for creativity.